• Projects

    • Fabric-podcast-platform involves podcast platform about various fabrics for copenhagen University Using React , NodeJS and JavaScript
    • My Tasks

      • User friendly UI and graphs using Highcharts
      • Created API's using Expressjs
      • Add boundaries to project using React error boundaries
      • Debug and fix
      • implement and add features to UI ,working end to end
      • implement Swagger to API's
  • Few more..

  • My Timeline

    Fullstack development - HackYourFuture

    • JavaScript - ES6, Promises,Higher order Functions
      ( Map ,filter ) ,API ,JSON
    • CSS3 - flexbox, grid, clearfix,
    • HTML5 - canvas, form-controls
    • NodeJS - Express framework,error-handling,routing,
      postman,REST Api
    • DBMS - MySql, DB connection
    • React - props,state
    • GIT - origin ( remote & upstream )
    • Knexjs - Creating Migrations, Javascript Query builder
    • And participation in one of open source projects using VueJS


    May - Aug 2018

    Developed a website for Regional group of India.

    • Using Angular Framework , HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


    Feb-May 2018

    Experienced as Technical Intern at WireDelta.
    My role involves development of web templates that delivers optimal user experiences. Executed and contributed to Front-end development projects using

    • Latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques and
    • Other Web application frameworks(Angular 4)
    • Used CSS Flexible Box Layout Module
    • Designed and developed views/templates
    • For mobile responsiveness
    • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility .


    Københavns sprog center


    Danish language Course,Københavns sprog center, Copenhagen. Speaking and writing of moderate level Danish and accomplished pd2 with good credentials. Learned various cultures including Danish culture.

    2010- 2014

    Moving with husband to different places. Learned different cultures and how to manage kids and home.


    COREJAVA Course and .NET,Hyderabad. Object Oriented programming concepts and knowledge of flow and execution of programming language,Basics of .NET and Web designing Technology, HTML.



    Bachelor of Technology, JNT University, Hyderabad. Basic knowledge of Information technology, networking and programming languages. Final thesis involves development and implementation of a virtual office management system using .NET at Technosoft solutions.